General Products

Our general insurance products provide a wide range of coverage within the categories listed below.

  • Marine
  • Motor
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Travel 

For example, our medical insurance coverage is tailored to suit companies of various sizes as well as uniquely to an individual and his/her dependents if any. Similarly, our motor insurance coverage provides both comprehensive and third party liabilities. Please click on the appropriate link above to learn more about these products or call us or stop by to discuss your options.

fire marine motor 

Miscellaneous Products

Under our miscellaneous category are a number of quality products such as Employer's Liability insurance, Electronic Equipment protection, Personal Injury coverage, Group Personal Accident for Sportsmen coverage and much more...

Life Products

There is the popular adage that Life is short. Therefore, planning for the inevitable or unforeseen events in one's life is important. For this reason, we have structured our life assurance policies to cater for a wide range of budgets and needs.